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Interview with Zuzana Mantel : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Zuzana Mantel : Inspiration is by ray of star light. Idea is to create light object for interaction in interior and exterior with society. .Frank Scott: What has been your main focus in designing this work? Especially what did you want to achieve?. Zuzana Mantel : design, technology and aesthetics in light object. .Frank Scott: What are your future plans for this award winning design?. Zuzana Mantel : I want to make a hand made light interior objects in small limited edition for market. .Frank Scott: How long did it take you to design this particular concept?. Zuzana Mantel : I was thinking about idea more then 1 year. .Frank Scott: Why did you design this particular concept? Was this design commissioned or did you decide to pursuit an inspiration?. Zuzana Mantel : I just want to create. .Frank Scott: Is your design being produced or used by another company, or do you plan to sell or lease the production rights or do you intent to produce your work yourself?. Zuzana Mantel : I do intent to produce by myself. .Frank Scott: What made you design this particular type of work?. Zuzana Mantel : I want to create new design, to bring craft and art back to our life. To create more individual and unique design. .Frank Scott: Where there any other designs and/or designers that helped the influence the design of your work?. Zuzana Mantel : No. .Frank Scott: Who is the target customer for his design?. Zuzana Mantel : Art lovers and people with need to have a unique items. .Frank Scott: What sets this design apart from other similar or resembling concepts?. Zuzana Mantel : Unique art object with harmony of design item. .Frank Scott: How did you come up with the name for this design? What does it mean?. Zuzana Mantel : the name came with first inspiration - star. Little Star: mean just begining, firs step to create a more bigger projects. .Frank Scott: Which design tools did you use when you were working on this project?. Zuzana Mantel : cutters, pencil, .Frank Scott: What is the most unique aspect of your design?. Zuzana Mantel : Look .Frank Scott: Who did you collaborate with for this design? Did you work with people with technical / specialized skills?. Zuzana Mantel : I did collaborate with locksmith and electrician. .Frank Scott: What is the role of technology in this particular design?. Zuzana Mantel : I use a LED panel with a remote control, to create many variations of light module. .Frank Scott: Is your design influenced by data or analytical research in any way? What kind of research did you conduct for making this design?. Zuzana Mantel : no .Frank Scott: What are some of the challenges you faced during the design/realization of your concept?. Zuzana Mantel : Gluing a glass sticks, light transmission and feel a light-modulation. .Frank Scott: How did you decide to submit your design to an international design competition?. Zuzana Mantel : I want to hear the decision of the professional jury. .Frank Scott: What did you learn or how did you improve yourself during the designing of this work?. Zuzana Mantel : I learn properties of light and I become more detail focused and analytical. .Frank Scott: Any other things you would like to cover that have not been covered in these questions?. Zuzana Mantel : I like to bring hand craft, art and unique design to a everyday life. .

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